Questions & Answers

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I have decided to publicly answer questions about Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. I have been inspired by the number of questions I’ve received from Christian friends and family about my choice to become Catholic.

Though I am educated in theology, I am not a Catholic theologian. The best source of information on Catholic teaching is the Catholic Church. However, as an educated layman, I feel that I have a voice that may be helpful for others who are seeking greater clarity about theological topics.

Questions and Answers:

1. What about Sola Scriptura?

2. How are Catholics saved?

3. How do Catholics evangelize?

4. What about transubstantiation?

5. Why did Catholics add the Apocrypha?

6. Are all Christians equal?

If you have  a question not listed above, and would like to ask, send it to me or comment! I’d love to try to answer.