Living Faith

Last Sunday, I was given a reminder of what Easter last year looked like. A catechumen went through a “scrutiny”, one of a series of welcoming rituals for converts who have felt the call to join the Church at Easter. It reminded me that last year, at this time, I was also going through the conversion process.

Last year, my wife and I were nearing the end of a long period of waiting. We had been going to classes (called RCIA) at our church for months. We were not conflicted about our decision, since we had read our way into the Church, but we were conscious that we were caught between two traditions, neither one nor the other. While those traditions share a core agreement about Jesus Christ, they differ on many other important topics. It was a hard time, but it was a spiritually vibrant time.

This year, it feels like life has gotten significantly busier. I no longer have the time to pursue projects that I enjoy, with all of my time going to preparing for work. Prayer time seems to be squished and constrained. I’ve had precious few theological discussions since we moved. More mundane matters that occupy conversations and thoughts. It does not feel as overtly fulfilling, and there’s no immediate goal to look forward to. But through it all, Christ is still there, moving. Moments like this remind me of that.

Looking back on the intervening year, my first year as a Catholic, I see that God has done so much for us. There’s no glamour in moving from a provincial capital to a small, northern town; but God has been leading us quietly. May He use us and all Christians in this Lenten season for the greater glory of God and for the unity and health of the Church.


One thought on “Living Faith

  1. Yes, dad made me watch “it’s a wonderful life” last night. This reminded me again of how powerful a “mundane” life is in the long run. How we miss so many Joy’s all around us in our everyday life searching for something better, until some tragedy happens and we realize all the missed blessings in life that are all around us 😀 we just need to look for them and acknowledge them as we go. Never lose sight of them.


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