Educating for Chastity

There’s an interesting documentary that has been put out on the internet:

Stand For Families Documentary

It makes some interesting points, but above all, it underlines the importance of educating people about the benefits of living a chaste lifestyle. Too many people think a Christian understanding of chastity means that you protect your virginity until you screw up, or that you swear to celibacy. Chastity is an ongoing attitude; one that values virginity but is still valuable to those who have lost their virginity.

It means that people who have made mistakes outside of wedlock are still faced with the important call to live a chaste lifestyle. Those who are married are faced with the call to live faithfully, to honor and be true to their partner. Those who have no desire to get married – or have no desire for the opposite gender – are called to live chastely by abstaining from sexual contact with other people.

Our western society has been promulgating the idea that plentiful sex with any number or type of partners can be done safely and bring joy and fulfilling experiences to its practitioners. This is false, and it is verified again and again by statistics and studies. Adherence to chastity not only fights HIV/AIDS (as the video points out) but it brings a greater fulfillment and happiness in life.


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